A Story of Lasting Love at Howe Farms in Chattanooga, TN

July 14, 2018

Normally we spend our weekends shooting weddings for awesome clients that have become our new friends - but this wedding was a little different. Samantha and Zach are two of our very own, part of the Southern Cinematics family!

These two have been together for almost 7 years, with a story that stretches across schools, states, jobs, and a whole lot of life. Their story is one that is close to our heart and we are glad that we could be the ones share it with the world.

Howe Farms, in our lovely hometown of Chattanooga, TN, was a perfect venue for this wedding, with scenery as beautiful as the love that Samantha and Zach have for each other. The reception was a party for the ages thanks to the ever excellent MillionDollaMan. A huge thanks to our amazing friend over at Abigail Bridges Photography for shooting the photos - she’s the best!

Check out some photos here!